About the firm


GATE AVOCATS is an independent corporate law firm advising French and international clients in relation to their strategic development and restructuring projects. GATE AVOCATS lawyers also defend their clients' interests in proceedings before courts and public authorities (EU and French antitrust authorities, French financial markets regulators).

Our vision

More than a mere legal remedy, GATE AVOCATS actively works as a permanent strategic partner for its clients, teaming with them to optimize growth opportunities.

Our mission

Our mission is three-fold:

1.   We assist clients in all phases of their business life. We offer to our clients a comprehensive         and global advice in corporate law, covering all legal aspects of their business: mergers & acquisitions (for         both listed and privately held companies), capital markets, contract law, competition and consumer law,         distribution law, compliance, insurance, bankruptcy law.       

2.   We represent our clients in litigation matters before courts, arbitration panels and public
        authorities. As French-qualified lawyers, we give corporate advice and defend our clients in litigation
        matters. Having skills in both of these areas allows our clients to have a global view of the legal issues at         stake so they can make the right business decisions at the right time. This is why we also assist our clients in         the courtroom, defending their interests before any French jurisdictions and administrative authorities         (particularly the French Antitrust Authority and the French financial markets regulator).

3.   We help our clients to actively take part in the legislative and regulatory environment of       their business. To this end, our philosophy is to:

  • Identify and anticipate regulatory changes that affect our clients in order to minimize risks and optimize growth opportunities.

  • Identify important issues - or those that may become important - to our clients through an in-depth understanding of their business models and respective markets as well as continual legal monitoring of issues affecting them.

  • Provide our clients with our technical knowledge as well as our analytical, drafting and persuasive skills to help their decision making processes and overall strategy.

  • Identify the right contact people for our clients to facilitate decision making and relay externally messages and positions that matter for their business.

Our core values

Our core values act as our guiding principles:

1.  Excellence: our uncompromised approach to each matter, the energy we put into each client's project fuels         our desire for excellence. This pursuit of excellence cannot exist without the highest ethical standards as well         as constant continuing legal education, teaching and publications.

2.  Action: creativity, fighting spirit, and responsiveness are at the heart of our project. We stick to these
       values each day in order to anticipate the needs of our clients and to act promptly with precision, attention
       to detail and pragmatism to respond to their queries.

3.  Team spirit: our firm is founded upon a team mentality according to which each lawyer acts with the others
       and in the interest of everyone to the benefit of our clients and partners.

4.  Curiosity: we believe that our daily performance depends on our overall curiosity for economic, political, and        cultural matters. This curiosity to know more helps us anticipate the economic or legal changes that may have        an impact on our clients’ environment. This curiosity is also linked to the balance that we apply to our work        and the time we set aside for legal aid and pro bono matters.